6 Things To Know About Dating A Dog Lover

6 Things To Know About Dating A Dog Lover

The relationship we have with our dogs is pretty strong, and that is not going to change. Pampering them is just part and parcel of life - I mean, don’t they all deserve a dog bed that has their initials embellished on it and their personalized dog bowl made of sterling silver? 

So, yes, it is going to be quite interesting dating a pawrent. Here are some things you should know before dating a dog lover.

1. They Expect You To Love Their Dog As Much As They Do

You will get an increase of dog photos and videos sent to you when things get serious between the two of you. If the relationship lasts long enough, you will start being referred to as the dog “mom” or “dad” of the furkid.

2. Times When Their Dog Comes First

The dog came into their life before you did, so it’s only understandable that the dog has more priority over you. Be prepared for cancellations of date nights if their dog is sick,  the choosing of date venues that are dog friendly (or even better, at home), or plenty of outdoor activities that their dog can participate in too. Even though their dog comes first, always remember that you are still the top human in their life!

3. Know That Things Can Get Messy

From knocked-over trash bins, torn up shoes and other messes, dog parents are experts at handling these hair-pulling situations. It’s time for you to learn how to deal with problems and messes that come your way.

4. Instinctively Know Your Mood

Dog owners spend so much time communicating with our dogs who can’t even speak a word. Hence, we are actually pretty good at reading body language and knowing how our dogs feel. Don't be surprised if we know it when you are frustrated, upset and so on. Let’s just say our dogs trained us well.

5. Our Voices Change When We Speak To Them

Our voices may shatter glass when we interact with our dog. But we don’t care as long as their little dog tail is wagging. So, get used to it.

6. Our Dogs Are Family

Number ONE rule, DON’T ever say our beloved dog is “just a dog” in any context, we don't see them like that!

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