How to Train Your Dog To Sleep In His Own Bed

How to Train Your Dog To Sleep In His Own Bed

| Photo by Chewy on Unsplash 

Even if your dog sleeps with you on your human bed, it is also important that every dog should have his own bed - or two, maybe three actually. They should learn to recognize his own bed as well. Wherever his bed is, he should be sleeping there. Once your dog understands, both of you will get a full night sleep.

It is a balance between choosing the right bed for your dog's needs and placing it in the right spot to prevent fears or separation anxieties. Placing the dog’s bed in your bedroom, he is going to feel secure and knowing you are nearby.

Choosing The Your Perfect Dog Bed

Observe how your dog sleeps, and put his age in consideration.

  • If he likes to curl up, he will enjoy a round dog bed
  • If he sleeps stretching out, he will feel comfortable in a rectangle bed
  • An older or arthritic dog may need a memory foam mattress.

Put Their Favourite Toys In The New Dog Bed

Adding their favourite toys, belonging or even a shirt that smells like you to the dog bed is a way to get them familiar and take a liking to their bed.

Rewards and Positive Reinforcement

Give rewards such as treats and praise them everytime he gets in their own bed, it will help your dog to enjoy their bed.

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