See What Does Your Dog's Breed Says About You!

See What Does Your Dog's Breed Says About You!

We’ve all heard the saying that a dog owner tends to look like their dog, (sharing similar features with their dog) and, even taking on the personality of their pooch, such as sharing the same temperament and the same characteristics. Research also shows that people are attracted to breeds that share their personality traits. This probably explains why dogs are our best friends.

There are a lot of factors to consider when choosing a dog: Does the breed fit your lifestyle?  Should you get a hypoallergenic dog? What kind of energy or temperament do you want in your dog? Whatever the reasons are, the pooch that finally catches your eye is going to say a lot about you.

Perhaps you may not notice that you were drawn to breeds with pretty much the same temperament as you. For example, Poodle owners tend to adore finer things; while Schnauzer owners are often up for something new; Golden Retriever owners like to make sure things go according to plan and tend to be more sporty, while French Bulldog owners don’t mind if things don’t go according to plan. Hmm, is this why we don't really see Golden Retriever owners and Bulldog owners hanging out together? 

Here are some personality traits that are often seen in pawrents of these amazing breeds!


Your best quality is that you find everything interesting! You are curious and determined to experience and see the world. From constantly trying out new hobbies, having a diverse bookshelf, to having many different clothing styles in your closet, you clearly enjoy being different.


You are enthusiastic and just love to have fun. You love being with your family and yap, you are definitely a people’s person. Corgi owners can be stubborn too, but only when they know they are right!


You are funny and sweet, and always the favorite person in a group of friends or at a party. Though you are easy-going, you are really a smarty-pants underneath. You love being an original!

French Bulldog

You are lively, easy-going, and like to go with the flow. It really does not matter if things don’t go according to plan, besides, what makes life interesting are the bumps, isn’t it? This easy-going attitude makes you open-minded and interested in everything.

Golden Retriever

You are confident and it is natural for you to simply take over a tough situation and make sure that things go accordingly. You are very reliable, and that’s why people turn to you first when they need help. There is no such reply such as "What do you want me to do?".

Jack Russell Terrier

You are an active person, who loves outdoor activities during the weekends. You're also a stubborn person, who does not swing around the things you need or want. Once you have a strong opinion, it is going to be hard to convince you to change your mind.


Poodle owners adore the finer things in life. That is not to say that they're superficial. They are really smart and are known for their fast learning abilities. Poodle owners enjoy what the society has to offer them.


You are the life of a party, Pomeranian owners! Sociable, playful, and outgoing, you know how to charm people’s socks off, and you get along with anyone. Lastly, you make an effort to try to make people feel at ease.


Pug owners can be headstrong and not easily convinced when your mind's made up, but you are charming and smart, balancing it out. No boring moments with you!


Schnauzer owner, you are enthusiastic and enjoy the little things in life - from growing plants, to enjoying coffee and a hearty meal on weekend mornings. You are friendly, always ready to set on the next great adventure and up to try something new.

Shiba Inu

Shiba Inu owners, you like plenty of space to enjoy and fulfill your hobbies and interests. Once it is done, you just wanna cuddle up with your favorite people and spend the rest of the time with them.

Shih Tzu

Shih Tzu owner, you are lively and cheery and always find joy in life. You are often the one setting up outings with your friends, or chatting up the barista as you wait for your coffee. You are the pure sunshine.

Yorkshire Terrier

You are lively and bubbly, but you are warm and love attention. You enjoy gatherings, and especially being the center of attention.

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