THREE Important Reasons why your dog needs a bed

THREE Important Reasons why your dog needs a bed

| Photo by Connor Home on Unsplash
You must be wondering: Is it necessary to get a bed for your dog, especially when he/she already sleeps on bed with you? 

Some may argue that the ancestors of dogs live in the wild, hence, beds are not a necessity. Well, why not try sleeping on the floor for the night and see how you feel the next day?

Dog sleep 12 to 18 hours a day

We know the importance of proper rest. Our beds help us to achieve a good rest and sleep, allowing us to recharge overnight. Dogs sleep between 12 and 18 hours a day. Providing your dog with a bed gives them a spot to call their own where they can rest properly too. This will help them to replenish muscles and relax their minds.

1. Beds Ensure Better Sleep

Dogs, like humans, need good quality sleep to stay healthy and a good rest improves your dog’s memory. A well-rested pup will be more willing to learn new tricks and may even pick them up faster!

2. Sometimes Dogs Need To Sleep In Their Own Bed

It is comforting to sleep with your dog but there will be times when you are exhausted and just want to have a good, undisrupted sleep. So it will be good that your dog has a cozy bed to sleep when you want to sleep alone.

3. How Many Bed Does My Dog Need?

Instead of relocating the dog bed throughout the day, we have two dog beds each (one for Bacon and for Brie) in the bedroom and in the living room where the girls love to hang. Not forgetting the office as well. 

Here is an article that might help to clear some air on how many dog beds you will need.

How about you? How many beds do you have?

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