THREE Reasons You Should Let Your Dog Sleep with You

THREE Reasons You Should Let Your Dog Sleep with You

Okay, we are a tad biased because both Bacon and Brie sleep on my bed. Every dog owner will have their own opinion - only you can decide whether you are comfortable with your dog sleeping in your bed. Bacon and Brie can sleep through the night without needing potty breaks in the middle of the night, hence, we are perfectly fine with them snuggling up with us!

Sleeping with your dog has its benefits. Here are our top THREE reasons why you should let your dog sleep with you. And let’s be honest, ain’t our dogs just our favourite ‘stuffed animal’ to hug and cuddle with?

#1 It helps you and your dog fall asleep faster and sleep better

Allowing a dog in your bed calms you down after a long day of stressful work and helps you to fall asleep faster. It is a well-known fact that touching/petting a dog can raise the share of oxytocin (“love hormone”) not only for you but your dog as well. Increased oxytocin levels have been associated with lower anxiety and stress. In other words, more relaxation that leads to better sleep and rest.

Best of all, it works both ways! Dogs follow and know our schedules and emotions. Once you start winding down and falling asleep, your dog will sense it and this will help them sleep better too!.

#2 Sleeping with your dog makes you feel safe and relax

Humans have lived with dogs for thousands of years. We know that they are quick to detect when something is not right and they would alert or protect you. It’s no wonder we feel safer when they are around and this makes it easier to close our eyes and drift off to sleep. 

The rhythmic sound of your dog breathing and soft snoring can help lower your heart rate too. A lowered heart rate is associated with less stress and more relaxation. In short, better sleep! 

| Photo by 
Connor Home on Unsplash

#3 It will strengthen your bond with your dog

Sleeping together in the same room can make your dog more loyal. The relaxing time together can also build confidence and trust. Sharing the room together without demanding anything from one another also increases the companionship for both of you - a great way to bond with your dog.

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