What Makes Ohpopdog Cooling Series Different?

What Makes Ohpopdog Cooling Series Different?

Besides having a ‘POP” in it, (perfect as our essential collection), when people hear Popsicle, the first impression they have is pretty straight-forward - it’s cooling. 

We were very excited when we found the ATB UV+ fabric, because it is absolutely fitting for Singapore’s hot climate all year round! There are already many apparels made in this awesome fabric for humans. So, we thought, if humans get to wear ATB UV+ clothings, our dogs should too! Hence, we decided to create dog clothings with it! 

Here are some amazing benefits of our ATB UV+ materials:


  • Consists of silver embedded in the fabric that can help prevent the growth of bacteria,
  • The anti-bacterial function of silver is kept even after several washes
  • ATB UV+ uses safe silver materials qualified by FDA
  • The ATB UV+ also prevents microorganism multiplication and reduces odour.


  • Protects the skin from ultraviolet radiation from the sun
  • Blocks out between 320 and 400nm of UV

Light Weight and Cooling Effect 

  • 35% lighter than most fabrics
  • Lightweight and reduces stress on the muscles

We are taking baby steps to create clothings that are more functional! And we will do our very best to elevate the standard of dog clothing.

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