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Royal Blue 150 Microbeads Bed

$135.00 USD


We all know that the Katong neighbourhood is infused with Peranakan culture, peppered with rich colours, flavours, and textures. But have you ever taken the time to appreciate the intricate details of Peranakan design?

The Ohpopdog Heritage collection is inspired by various shophouses in Katong (number in its name is your hint) and also Peranakan apparel, cuisine and wares.

Ohpopdog Microbeads Bed is every bean bag lover's dream. The Royal Blue 150 features the peony motif, a symbol of royalty and wealth and is characteristically found in many traditional Nyonya porcelain wares. The print gives the motif a modern twist using contemporary and bold colours.

  • Free-forming, soft pillow microbeads bed
  • Microbeads conform to the body easily with minimal deforming
  • Remove hair easily with a lint roller or by sweeping it off with your hands

Approximate sizes:

Small: 75x55x12cm / 29x21x5”
Medium: 100x95x15cm / 39x37x5.5” 


Cover: 73% Polyester & 27% Spandex
Lining: Water-resistant Nylon (Upper), Polyester Canvas (Bottom)
Filling: EPS Microbead

Care Instructions:

Lint roll or vacuum for daily maintenance. When necessary, cold machine wash or hand wash the cover in cold water. Lay flat to dry. Do not iron. Do not bleach. Treat as a delicate.