10 Awesome Fun Facts About Dogs You Didn’t Know

10 Awesome Fun Facts About Dogs You Didn’t Know

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Dogs deserve our complete love, full affection, and appreciation for all the ways that they are amazing. Just in case you needed TEN extra reasons to get obsessed with them, here are some fun facts. For those who thought you knew everything about dogs? Well, think again!

1. Dogs have a wide range of emotions.

If you think that dogs are happy, and that is it, you are wrong. They can also feel excitement, frustration, and may even mourn for the loss such as family members or pets. Well, it only we have the capacity to really know how they feel.

2. Dogs can get jealous too.

A report proves that your dog can get jealous when they see you show affection for other canines. So, think twice before you give your neighbour’s dog a pat!

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3. Your dog can smell your emotions.

Research has proved that when owners feel happy, their dogs also appear happier, more inquisitive, and less apprehensive around the strangers. And when their owners smelled of fear, their dogs exhibited the same behavior and resisted the strangers.

4. Your dog can get you a date and make you more attractive!

Who needs tinder when you have a dog! Research found that just by having a dog with them, a man’s chance of getting a number from a girl rose from 10% to 33%. A chick magnet indeed.

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5. Dachshunds (yap, your couch potato hotdogs) were bred to hunt the badgers.

6. The Ewoks in Star Wars were modelled on one of George Lucas’s dogs!

If you are a fan of Star Wars, you will definitely love this awesome dog fact.

7. Dogs do have a sense of timing.

This has been proven - dogs can tell the difference between an hour and five. Dogs can also predict future activities such as daily walk if conditioned to. This is why it’s not uncommon to catch your dog staring at the door when it’s time for his walk!

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8. Dogs are selfless because they give their friends treats.

A science experiment shows that dogs share food with other dogs even in complex situations, but less so with strangers. This proved that animals are wired to respond to others who are in need, especially their own kind!

9. Dog people have more friends, and cat people get more invitations to events

Data collected by Facebook revealed that "on average, dog people have 26 more Facebook friends than cat people". While cat people have less friends, they are more likely to be invited to events. Dog people are more likely to be friends with other dog people while cat people with other cat people.

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10. When playing, a male pup will often let the female pup win.

Male dogs often place themselves in a disadvantageous position to let female puppies win. It was speculated that play is more important to them than winning, and also not discourage female puppies from playing with them in the future as female puppies tend to choose other females as playmates. How gentlemanly!

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