Dogs Can Actually Sense Bad People

Dogs Can Actually Sense Bad People

| Photo by Anna Dudkova on Unsplash 

Ever had a “bad” friend or partner that your dog just didn’t like? You probably did. Due to their incredible ability to notice and respond to the cues that we subtly make, such as our body language and our energy, dogs can actually tell if the person is good or bad.

There is a study led by Akiko Takaoka of Kyoto University in Japan. Researchers brought 34 dogs, one by one, to a room with a container at the other end. For the first round, food was placed in the container. The researchers then pointed at the container for the dogs to see. They observed that all of the dogs ran towards it and ate the food. The process was repeated again, but this time the container was empty. When the dogs ran towards the container, they found that there was no food in it. 

The process was repeated a third time, with food in the container. However, when the researchers pointed to the container with food, the dogs refused to proceed. Due to their previous experiences, they no longer trusted the researcher. Interestingly, all 34 dogs refused to go for the container during the third round.

The study proved that dogs are able to detect liars and can develop trust issues once they have been deceived. 

Another study has found that dogs can tell when people are rude to their owners.

Dogs are man’s best friends” is not just a saying, it is the honest truth! 

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