Should Dogs Wear Clothes - The Pros and Cons

Should Dogs Wear Clothes - The Pros and Cons

Dogs wearing clothes has always been a controversial topic. People either buy for functional or fashionable purposes or maybe a little of both. To wear or not to wear has always been a concern.

When deciding whether to let your furkid wear clothes, always consider their likes and dislikes, their needs and their personalities. 

Why dogs should wear clothes?

  • To keep warm and cool
    Besides wearing clothes to keep warm in the cold, dogs wear clothes to stay cool in the hot weather too. During summer, some owners may choose to shave off the dogs’ fur. This could reduce the benefits of insulation given by their natural coats and their skin may suffer skin damage if exposed to harsh sun rays. 

  • For medical reasons
    It helps prevent dogs from licking an incision after a surgery. Dogs with skin problems wear clothes to discourage them from scratching and tearing their skin. It will also benefit dogs with arthritis as wearing clothes may help keep them warm. 
  • To keep and stay clean
    Ever felt embarrassed with the amount of fur your furkid sheds when you bring him/her along for a visit to a friend’s or relative’s? Putting on an outift can help reduce fur from getting everywhere (plus, it is a bonus that your furkid will look adorable too!). Having the clothes on also helps keep your dog clean when outdoors.
  • For that picture perfect moment!
    A birthday suit (nopes, we don’t mean full monty) for your furkid’s barkday, or twinning for a photoshoot - Clothes are great for memorable purposes. We all want to keep wonderful memories of our dogs, don’t we?

Why dogs should not wear clothes?

  • When putting them in clothes causes them to feel stress or show signs of discomfort
  • When putting them in costumes such as long dresses or drappy outfits that could get caught as they move, choke them or cause abrasions when rubbing against the dog’s skin
  • When clothes end up restricting their movements such as running in the park or when playing with other dogs.
  • When clothes prevent your furkids from reaching their food and water, or prevent them from lying down.

You know your pets best to decide if you should dress them up or not

There is no right or wrong, as long as you’re not doing any harm. You know your dog’s temperament and personality better than anybody else, so you are the best person to decide what is best for him/her.

If you really want to dress up your dog, do read up our article:

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 Tips on How to Get Your Dog to Wear Clothes

If your dog does not like clothes, they will have the tendency to freeze in place. In such cases, we would advise not to make them wear any. You can still have fun as there are many pet accessories, such as dog collars, leashes, dog cape and bandanas, that you can use to spruce up their looks!

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