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Basic Martingale Collar - Bibik Pink

Basic Martingale Collar - Bibik Pink

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The Bibik Pink martingale collar is a fully adjustable dog collar, super soft on the fur and is made from durable polyester. Martingale collar enhances your pet’s safety and control without choking with an adjustable half check. Good for those excitable tugs during walks.

• Made of soft and durable polyester
• Fully adjustable
• Soft on your dog’s fur

Length: 22.5-31 cm (9-12 in) | Width: 1 cm
Small Length: 28-39.5 cm (11-15.5 in) | Width: 1.5 cm
Medium Length: 34.5-49.5 cm (13.5-19.5 in) | Width: 2 cm

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